Yes / No Questions

Yes or No

Most Yes / No questions start with an auxiliary

  • Do you like your new teacher? (Yes, I do / No, I don’t)
  • Can you help me? (Yes, I can / No, I can’t)
  • Have you been to England? (Yes, I have / No, I haven’t)
  • England: Have you got the time?  (Yes, I have / No, I haven’t)
  • America: Do you have the time? (Yes, I do / No, I haven’t)
  • Old construction: Have you the time? (Yes, I have / No, I haven’t)
  • Did you visit your cousin in New York? (Yes, I did / No, I didn’t)
  • Are your from France? (Yes, I am / No, I am not)
  • Is this common? (Yes, it is / No, it is not)


Let’s play 20 questions. I am thinking of something, try to guess what it is by asking me 20 questions. For example: Is it an animal? Is it mineral? etc.

Yes or No