Bush Dentistry

This video might make you cringe, but it’s not as bad as you might think at first. Watch and listen a two or three times, then read the approximate transcript below.

Dentist: Grab your tooth, then you put the cardboard on top, and then I bang it. Hang on, but I’d better see what I’m doing. Are you ready? Now!

Patient: Thank you!

Dentist: Bob’s your uncle!

Man Off Camera: That’s how it’s done in the bush!

Patient: Are we tough in the bush? I’d like to tell you all I’m the man from Snow River mate, I was born on Snow River, I am him. Don’t believe the movie, he comes from somewhere else.

Woman Off Screen: Do you want some cotton?

Patient: Nah, we’ll just get the second one out, we got one already, it’s good.

Dentist: He’s bleeding a little

Patient: Mate? Mate? Go!

Patient: Thank you! No, still in there.

Dentist: Okay, it’s almost out.

Patient: Get me some water.

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