How to Pronounce Words that end in ED

words that end in ED

In English there are 3 ways to pronounce words that end in “ED”

/t/ {like Burt} helped, laughed, washed, watched, kissed, danced, fixed, hoped, liked, reached, stopped, advanced, cooked, developed, walked, worked, missed, marched

/d/ {like Fred} called, cleaned, offered, damaged, loved, used, claimed, played, allowed, begged, remained, answered, arranged, arrived, burned

/id/ {like David} wanted, needed, invited, landed, visited, greeted, started, rested, ended, completed, created, decided, estimated, invented, started, limited

It is easier to memorize how to say common words than to understand complex phonetics rules. So I recommend you listen and repeat and be aware of this difficulty in English.