For, Since, and Ago Advanced Practice

For Since or Ago (3)

This exercise is advanced because you need to choose between For, Since, and Ago and also find the tense that makes sense with the meaning of the sentence.

They started waiting 30 minutes ago.
They are still waiting.

She became a doctor last year.
She is still a doctor.

He started going to this restaurant 5 years ago.
He still goes to this restaurant.

I bought a dog in 1995.
I still have a dog.

Fred arrived at 6 o’clock.
He’s still here.

Alice fell ill at Christmas.
She is still ill.

The shop opened this morning.
It’s still open.

He went to Paris a week ago.
He’s still in Paris.

He started playing video games 6 hour ago.
He’s still playing video games.

He finished school in June.
He’s still looking for a job.

For Since or Ago (3)