Explosion Rips Fuselage

Engine explosion rips fuselage open

UPDATE: This was NOT caused by an oxygen tank but by a bomb smuggled inside of a laptop. Are the authorities going to forbid laptops in the cabin now?
Accident: Daallo A321 near Mogadishu on Feb 2nd 2016, explosion rips fuselage open.

A Daallo Airlines Airbus A321-100, performing flight from Mogadishu (Somalia) to Djibouti with 74 passengers and 7 crew, was climbing out of Mogadishu about 5 minutes into the flight when an explosion was heard. The crew stopped the climb and returned the aircraft to Mogadishu for a safe landing about 20 minutes after departure. A large hole was seen at the right hand side of the fuselage above the wing.

The airline confirmed an explosion on board, the cause is under investigation, an oxygen bottle is being suspected. Passengers report at least one person was blown out of the aircraft. One passenger was missing after landing, the body was recovered near Balad about 21nm northnortheast of Mogadishu.

One passenger reported he saw the explosion occur inside the aircraft a couple of seat rows ahead of him followed by an air rush and sudden drop of cabin pressure, the seat belt held him in his seat. He saw two injured people around him, one an elderly man from Finland and another one being a young Italian. The elderly man was severly burned.

Engine explosion rips fuselage open


Accident rips fuselage open

Ripped Fuselage

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