Simple Past or Present Perfect?

The Rule

The action started in the past and ended in the past = simple past
The action started in the past and still going into the present = present perfect

  • We have talked on the phone every Sunday for the last two years. (Implied: We will talk on the phone again next Sunday.)
  • We talked on the phone every night. (Implied: We don’t any more.)
  • When I was young, I loved candy. (Implied: I don’t love candy any more.)
  • I have always loved candy. (Implied: I still do today.)
  • Did you like Star Wars? I don’t know, I have never seen it. (Implied: up until now I have not seen it, but I may see it one day.)
  • I didn’t see Star Wars until I was 10. (Implied: but I saw it when I was 10.)
  • I haven’t seen Star Wars since I was 10. (Implied: I saw Star Wars when I was 10, but have not seen it again until now.)
  • I was fired from my job and I never saw it coming. (Implied: I didn’t see it coming, but now it has happened and it is past.)
  • My sister has been to London 5 times. (Implied: She may go to London again.)
  • I’ve forgotten my password! (Implied: I cannot open my email today.)
  • I forgot my password! (Implied: but now I remember it.)

Simple Past or Present Perfect

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