Simple Past

The Past

In English we use the Simple Past to express the following:

An action started and ended in the past.

I took a long walk yesterday.

Negative: I did not take a long walk yesterday.
Interrogative: Did you take a long walk yesterday?

Yesterday I spoke to my mother, decided to visit her, but realized that my car wouldn’t start.

Negative: Yesterday I didn’t speak to my mother, I didn’t visit her, and I didn’t realize that my car wouldn’t start.
Interrogative: Did you speak to your mother yesterday? Did you visit her yesterday? Did your car start yesterday?

A duration that started and ended in the past.

I lived in America for 18 years. (What are the negative and interrogative forms?)
They watched TV all day yesterday.

A habit that started and ended in the past.

When I was a child I was afraid of the dark.
He always cleaned his car on the week-end.

General statements about the past.

Phone calls used to cost a lot of money.
She hated mushrooms before she moved to China.

The active / passive voice.

Active: The snake bit the man.
Passive: The man was bitten by the snake.

The Past