Silent H page 2

Silent H

One of the most difficult things for a French speaker to do correctly in English is to decide if the H needs to be heard or not. Here are words that will help you practice this. PAGE 2.

• I need to haul this garbage to the dump
• All my friends like my new haircut

haunt/aunt ***
• Ghosts haunt this house
• My aunt thinks her house is haunted

• He had a great time!
• She had a hard time saying the letter E

• She’s at the head of her class
• Ed needs to take special Ed classes

• She has heady opinions
• Eddie is a great guy!

• Doctors can heal this sort of ailment
• I can teach a dog how to heel
• He’ll forget about this misadventure quickly
• The electric eel is an interesting animal

• I hear with my ears
• Here you are!

• My hearing is getting worse with time
• She makes beautiful earnings

hearth/earth **
• We like to sit near the hearth
• The earth is glorious

• The children have big hearts
• The arts are an important part of a good education

• This heat is making me uncomfortable
• I am not popular because I like to eat garlic and beans

• Many birds live in this hedge
• They like to live on the edge

• The captain is at the helm
• Elm trees are beautiful

herb *
• There are medicinal herbs in nature

• He’s speaking with ease

• To hew a tree (cut down)
• I love this hue of purple
• Hugh Grant is a good-looking man
• A ewe is a girl sheep

* Silent H (although Brits do pronounce the H in herb)
** The words have different vowel sounds
*** The words might have different vowel sounds, according to the accent

Silent H