How to Pronounce Words that end in ED

In English there are 3 ways to pronounce words that end in “ED”

/t/ {like Burt} helped, laughed, washed, watched, kissed, danced, fixed, hoped, liked, reached, stopped, advanced, cooked, developed, walked, worked, missed, marched

/d/ {like Fred} called, cleaned, offered, damaged, loved, used, claimed, played, allowed, begged, remained, answered, arranged, arrived, burned

/id/ {like David} wanted, needed, invited, landed, visited, greeted, started, rested, ended, completed, created, decided, estimated, invented, started, limited

It is easier to memorize how to say common words than to understand complex phonetics rules. So I recommend you listen and repeat and be aware of this difficulty in English.

Why Are Jet Engines Getting Bigger?

This is fast technical English. Can you understand it?

Answer these questions:

Why are jet engines getting bigger?

What are the two parts of a jet engine?

What provides most of the thrust in a jet engine?

What is the ideal size for a jet engine?

Will jet engines continue growing in size?

Saint Elmo’s Fire

“St. Elmo’s fire (also St. Elmo’s light is a weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a corona discharge from a sharp or pointed object in a strong electric field in the atmosphere (such as those generated by thunderstorms or created by a volcanic eruption).”

“Physically, St. Elmo’s fire is a bright blue or violet glow, appearing like fire in some circumstances, from tall, sharply pointed structures such as lightning rods, masts, spires and chimneys, and on aircraft wings or nose cones. St. Elmo’s fire can also appear on leaves and grass, and even at the tips of cattle horns. Often accompanying the glow is a distinct hissing or buzzing sound.” -From the wiki page.


Bush Dentistry

This video might make you cringe, but it’s not as bad as you might think at first. Watch and listen a two or three times, then read the approximate transcript below.

Dentist: Grab your tooth, then you put the cardboard on top, and then I bang it. Hang on, but I’d better see what I’m doing. Are you ready? Now!

Patient: Thank you!

Dentist: Bob’s your uncle!

Man Off Camera: That’s how it’s done in the bush!

Patient: Are we tough in the bush? I’d like to tell you all I’m the man from Snow River mate, I was born on Snow River, I am him. Don’t believe the movie, he comes from somewhere else.

Woman Off Screen: Do you want some cotton?

Patient: Nah, we’ll just get the second one out, we got one already, it’s good.

Dentist: He’s bleeding a little

Patient: Mate? Mate? Go!

Patient: Thank you! No, still in there.

Dentist: Okay, it’s almost out.

Patient: Get me some water.

Bush Dentistry Zebra teeth